Beta Testing Information


Dear Beta Tester,

Currently we are running our open beta phase. As an early user, we would love to hear your feedback! We're working very hard to make Neighboring great with regular fixing bugs and improvements, so your opinion is very important to us. We're still working on new features that will be released soon, along with our main website. We want you to use the app and give us your first impressions. Most importantly, we want you to enjoy Neighboring and we're looking for hearing from you.

Neighboring is a social, financial game that’s easy to understand and fun to play. You can trade virtual stocks of businesses around you. Compete for the highest net worth. You can make money by trading stocks and also with social activities like: posts, likes, comments, and shares. Discover local businesses, buy and sell stocks when the time is right, track trends in real-time, and make a lot of cash! Become the Warren Buffett of your friends.

Beta testers requirements

Download and install the app from the Apple App Store (iOS 8.0 and up).
Be able to answer this survey

Beta testers incentive

For all beta testers in this phase, we're offering a reward inside the app. We're doubling the initial cash amount (to N$40,000) that the users receive upon sign up. Just identify yourself as a "Beta Tester" in your "About me" information. You can edit it by opening your profile inside the app, tap on the cog in the top right corner, then Edit Profile option.

Beta testers feedback

Please answer the survey above.
For more information, send us a message via our contact form.

Thank you very much,
Neighboring App Team.